Bakken Waste Watch Coalition


2014 - 2015 Goals

For calendar year 2014 - 2015 the coalitions main goals are:

Note: Brought to the attention of Bakken Waste Watch Coalition, we will no longer communicate directly via email with any North Dakota State Agency. As of December 15th, 2014 the State installed an email tracking software that allows them to track emails and potentially other recipients of your emails and collect bulk email addresses and data via your communications to them. Going forward our communications will be made via our Attorney.

Over 13 1/2 million tons of well waste/flow back/invert/mud have been dumped in Bakken landfills and on-site reserve/slop pits in the last 3 years....not a single ounce has been tested for content such as heavy metals--  mercury, lead, benzene, arsenic, ignitability, free liquids, organics, dissolved solids.

....not a single test by the DoH or the DMR---ever. Not a single noncompliance citation ever issued.                               As Of February 1, 2014

We want a full testing of all slop/reserve/dry-cutting/tinhorn open air on-well-site pits and disposal ponds before pits are closed/abandoned. This is to include organic/metals content, ignitability test, diesel range organics, dissolved solids and percent liquids testing.

Additionally we are calling for multi-depth, multi-location borings to determine ppm blend rate and fabric covered top crowns (not just dirt cover). Further we are requesting a minimum of 2 leachate run-off monitoring wells, analyzed annually. These are  primarily ND Department of Mineral Resource rule change requests. All test results to be made available to the public via the DMR website.

Testing of landfill material content, at a maximum of 10 acre spacing down to liner depth, for the organic/dissolved solids, annually. Trucks dumping  oil well waste mud are to be tested for free liquids at a maximum spacing of every 100 trucks at each landfill.   Inspection to be done with EPA approved test methods. Visual inspection is not acceptable. The results of these tests are  to be made available to the public via the DoH website.

These are primarily rule change requests made to the ND Department of Health. 

(s) Beverly Ronstadt, Chairperson

Please read  the commentary and review the Open Records Request/Response Sections